Testing a Vimeo video

Sending to my test blog


A clip from the clip app via sunlit

Ok, this is kind of nice. I like the idea of just having something small that I can post stuff really quickly.


Sprint Requirements

  1. Have no major barrier to entry
  2. Consist of very clearly defined, actionable Tasks
  3. Have a fixed, relatively short time frame for completion

Goal Brainstorming Questions

  1. What about this goal sparked my curiosity?
  2. What motivated me to want to invest my time and energy here?
  3. What am I trying to accomplish?
  4. What will it require?
  5. What is my definition of success with this goal?

From the bullet journal method


Calibri don’t at size 11 is unnecessarily hard to read.

I spent sometime just looking at my phone expecting for it to do something to make my life a little better.

The phone, just like my life, is in my hands… it’s up to me…

This is just some post.

Goat testing too, huh?

Ok, where are all the tests going?

For some reason, I got very self-conscience about my writing and stopped.


I wish Apple had continued working with enhancements to books. Apple has a lot of good ideas that seem to get a little bit of traction and then stagnate. Sure, not as bad as what google does with some projects, which is to kill them even when there are no alternatives. Changed.

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